Count Beta Release

During COVID-19 times it is vital that we don’t gather in big groups. That puts the burden of tracking people in enclosed spaces onto the ones in charge. Counting is a lot of work with not much reward.

With Count I am beta Beta-releasing an app which wants to change that. Count helps you keep tack of things but then also provides visualizations of the data collected.


Yes, there are quite a few 1 other counting apps on the Play Store already. Some other notable projects are:

But they are all not open source, lack important features (looking at the comment section) and don’t do much with the data they are collecting. This is where Count steps in.

Count is a simple tally counter with advanced visualizations based on metadata collected during counting. Every time the counter is changed the app collects time, location and position of the event. Using this data we can then provide insight about all different aspects such as frequency and locality.

Would you like to know when people visit which one of your branches? Count can tell you that.

Count Preview

With this blog post I am starting the open beta of the app. You can join now if you have an Android phone.

Join Android Beta

If want to contribute to Count, you can do this using the following channels:

Thank you.

  1. And by a few I mean a lot